Karrys Design

Tornado Industries

Our partnership with Tornado began in 1998 when we were asked to provide designs for their first website to their IT department. Our role soon grew into planning and implementing an ongoing marketing strategy and focusing our efforts on creating a consistent brand message across all digital and printed materials.

Our ongoing challenge was to position Tornado, a smaller player among some global industry giants, as an industry leader in the commercial floor care field. A distinct and consistent brand was essential. A strong web presence supported by ongoing, targeted content marketing delivered a message of their expertise.

Over the years Tornado’s marketing received industry praise and recognition. As the CEO of one of the big players commented, "You may be smaller than us, but your marketing makes you look big."

Recently, the company that acquired Tornado brought all design and marketing in-house. We were able to hand over the keys to an entire marketing system — including a database driven website with a dealer portal and CMS, catalog and product brochure templates, email marketing, blog content and landing pages, stellar product photography and large format signage.

Below is a sampling of our more recent work from our almost 20 year relationship.